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8 Healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to achieve a healthy, calmer mind and body? With over 15% of the UK population feeling anxiety is a problem in their lives, here are some points and tips to consider.

8 Healthy Ways to relieve stress and anxiety and work towards a calmer mind and body.

1. Get enough sleep.

Inadequate or poor-quality sleep can negatively affect your mood, alertness, energy level, mental and physical health. Do yourself a favour and get a good nights sleep. 2. Be mindful.

By being mindful in the moment, using meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, deep breathing exercises, and yoga are powerful relaxation techniques. 3. Strengthen your social network.

Connect with others by talking, text or message, join a friends or family chat room/quiz/game, or participating in a support group. Make time to Reach out. 4. Have a routine.

Plan ahead with your time-management skills. The more efficiently you can juggle your time, work, household, hobbies and family demands, the lower your stress level will be as you feel more satisfied. 5. Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Try maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, take regular exercise, and maintain a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthful sugars/fats. Remember you cannot run a formula one car on diesel and expect to perform or run a marathon with no training or practice. 6. Try to resolve stressful situations if you can.

Some stressful situations can fester and some we just have to let go of. Hold work/family problem-solving sessions and use negotiation skills at home and at work. Then chose what battles deserve your time and energy. 7. Nurture yourself.

Treat yourself and truly savour an experience: an example could be eating slowly and really focus on the smell and taste sensations of each bite. Take a walk and try to notice and name the nature you see or listen to your favorite music. Hug deeply members of your household when they offer, and really feel that connection. 8. Reach out and reach in.

Don't be afraid to ask for help or offer help to others. Your partner, family, friends work colleagues and neighbours may love the opportunity to help or be helped. If you don’t reach out or reach in you will never know.

If signs of stress and anxiety persist, talk to your GP and consider the many counselling services available.

Sharon Davitt MBACP Integrative Counsellor

Witham Therapy Room

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